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love in de oven

Posted to Poetry

yes, i am baking you a casserole surprise
cupcakes of love
and hearts of chocolate dollars
i played hooky today
from everything else
that is not us
and now, okay
here's the skippy
truth the salt
the pepper
the cream of our
true love
i spent my afternoon
buying bulbs and flowers
and sweet repast
and bottles full of time
for us to dance and romance
our lives away
oh yes, and
those crazy colored cats
the dogs, the
way they tease those
puppy eyes
they all look up
they act surprised
but no they're not
they wink to each other
all wide eyed and all of that
animals are the first
to know when
something's up
between papa
and mummy
what's up
can it be
oh, yes
love? yes
love in my oven
i am baking doggie biscuits
that smell like a pat on the head
and a cat nip roll of pulling a tail
this house
it smells like
it tastes like
it's my forever baking
oven for you
i am so in love
with you
waiting for you my woman
i am baking you my smile
my yesterday
my today
and every waking
tomorrow will
always be full of treats
and smiles
thinking of your face
watching you eat my
little casserole of love
remember how sweet that was
back in our summer of love?
well, so what it's raining
i am baking you sunshine in the oven
oh woman
i can't wait to tell you
how proud of you
i am
get your self home
you will wonder
you'll say what
and I'll say
you are on your way
to the perfect day
even if it's night
i baked you sunshine love
would you like to come
sit down and eat
and all of our tomorrows
are you hungry for my love
i know i
have waited
for you to come home
and yes,
i will
do the dishes