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i painted hearts........

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i painted our hearts on canvas
before i ever knew you,
the combination of true hues
of indigo and violet, blues
at twilight reflected off tides
coming in and out,

there are rides of eternity longing,
moored by the other side of Time's
cruel play and there is the way
the brush lays tints with glints
of light captured
in the delight
below the surface
of Love's dismay,
the emergence
of the new start of day,
the delay of moments
held dear when hearts
dance in play amid the sting
of bitter truths --

blues is the
great soothe of music,
the soothsayer,
the soul's portrayer of
while the classical
song of the stars
remains in flight
and the sun still ignites
afar without delay, wings
of dawn putting on
the touch of lips
to fingertips
since silence
is the only
thing to say,
timed by two

but in as much
as i know anything,
i know i never didn't know you

the sweet dusk glow
of lust i hold safe for you
in the vanishing of dew
and i am here
to show you the dawn, the candle
misted by the spawn
of all we know we have,
halved in two like
the view of me
was just a pulse,
my wrists the rests
for the beat of
sea gulls

i held a brush of sable
and painted our two hearts able,
one in spell with the ocean of want,
one filled with the taunt
of a broken phrases bled,
but one day the lines will come together
in the middle of the red,
the cracks of verse fused
not disconnected, but instead
only amused
with themselves
and resurrected
like the moon's
daily try --

so sweet, the scent
of Love's repeat
lying silently
on a sheet
in mid-july

your hands like silkened bliss,
the fingers of the morn',
and yet and still i am torn
into the sever of ever
and never-will-forget

two hearts'
renewed in paint,
the art not faint
but pure,
still yet i fall,
the meaning lying
in between it all,
and more

and so we are blended through
the painted double triple
layered phrases neat,
replete in the amaze of it
and cry out in blaze with
our annunciation

just as lunar phases
are incomplete,
i take the spray of treats from waves
of Love and push the cream whipped
from silence in between the months
of truth's creation
keeping them tucked
behind the clouds
waiting to

since never enough
is summer,

the hum of bees
licking honey
from the hive,
taking each drop
of until,
until becomes
again alive

sum the total of yes,
my Love will pass
the tests of Time's laughter,
faster than the wit
of season's tease

i painted your heart with mine
before i knew you since i knew you
before we knew this Love
which brought us to
our knees!