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i'm so damn angry!!!!!! GIVE me ginsburg and let me interview him

Posted to Action Poetry

i'm so damn angry i want to cry and i do
for the children's will taken like a goal,
the hold of bullshit stories told to ravage doubt,
proclaiming, justifying,

oh shit
i've had it!!!!!

i've had it and i don't want it again!
to read the words from tainted pen
to say the rape of innoence is just...

i'm fuming!!!
i can't sit... i need to speak!!

give me ginsberg and let me interview him!

what? you say? he's dead? well let me inteveriew
his head and heart on a skew and stake of
"you must really be kidding" painted in
the blood red take of little boys!!!!

i'm so angry, my heart has lost the joy
of love and never will i e're allow the
toy of love to take me or the children

i'm pissed

this isn't a pome it's a rant and i wish i had some sleep ..... i'll be back

sorry to keep you, he said
as he took the little girl from her bed
and threatened the young boy with more
all in the name of fucking god

i'm pissed!!!!!!!

carry on.....
pretend i wasnt' here......
one day they'll walk like me
knots knowing the fear
to be