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Love like heroin

Posted to Poetry

Blue eyes sadly turn to gray
Pale skin silky, but dangerous to touch
Mind after mind of the smartest of junkies
And Why? Why do you give love like heroin
Having so much to say without saying a word
I really must know why are you so sullen
Dig a little deeper into my skin
Tear a whole and find a vein and shoot me up
As long as I have know you
I have never meet you
And now I regret ever seeing you
Cause every time it’s digging so much deeper
And my veins are so much weaker
Blue eyes fade to gray and the nights turn to day
But I am too numb to notice
So I need a new addiction
But ones of the past seem to ever last
Oh that lovely needle drives so smoothly in to infatuated skin
And pain should not involve this much pleasure
Why should I crave something so deadly
It’s just a lesson in futility amoral sexuality
And all I had was one kiss
Someday I will kick it and feel the junk sickness
Or maybe I will just up the dosage
But until then drive that needle further
Take that lonely skin and make it hurt more
The lies that you give to rest your eyes
The needle is dull and the shot is weak
And what? What do you need?
What is it that pumps through your veins
Pounding for that one moment to relieve the pain
The pain that you feel so much comfort in?
The withdrawal of feelings so hard
Perhaps, perhaps your right
That the only pleasure is pain
The only love is that which we can never have
And that is why I lust for the needle
So drive, drive that needle you think is so dull
Drive it like it is your first time
Drive it though you know not it’s damage
As so many have done for you
Find the solace in pleasure that lusts for pain
Cause it’s you who are the junkie who you avoid
It is you that longs for the long hard prick of the needle
The sharp point digging your flesh tearing it’s holes and leaving it’s scars
It’s feeling of comfort and warmth
That only lasts longer with more scars and blood
The addiction in contradiction
Pricks of the past the must stay
Though the shots were not strong
The scars they remain