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Posted to Action Poetry

you... your voice seeps
through the scrawled
longing that wrote
such cowering above me

along with your eyes
your ashes
your barely written
pain - along
with your shivering roots
with your undevoured warmth
i cradle your breathing
i drink your seething
i milk you of love
i feed you light
that grows
in the corner of time
where the whole of time
has moved

i have come so far for you

you. and then you again

from loss
it began
in a voice
the colour
of silence

and now not even the sky
can help you to carry
the burden of skin

yet this that receeds
will come close to you
close to us
on the other side
of undreamed dreams

now is the time
to pass through
tomorrow again

now is the time
to name this frail seed
to open the wall
to father the dream

to touch your stone

to cant the wind