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the declamatia (verse 2)

Posted to Action Poetry

i declare the death of ignorance, the death of insanity,
rolling with its selfish spikes of treason across the
holy force of this calm vestibule, i declare the death
of hate, the hangman's noose that twists tight on
the black neck of remorse, i declare the death of
this monarchy of the soul, this kingdom of greed
speaking with yellow teeth into the howling malestrom
i declare the death of deceit, the death of treachery,
the death of primitive instincts, the death of darkness,
the death of destruction, the death of all dim demise

for within darkness is a palette of death omens, the
knife blade that sharpens itself, the gun that stays
loaded, the scabbed fist beset with all vain striking,
i declare the death of death, there is no death where
perceptions are cleansed, washed free, flooded
with the matchless visions of arcane realities, those
things that the human beast is free to understand,
ill-equipped to understand behind curtains of unknowing

i declare the death of the perception of death, the myths
& impossibilities, the craven boomerang of lifetrons,
the metamorphasis of niddering numbness, the callous
outrageous foolishness that is mistaken for aliveness,
realness, importantness, blameless, fearless, thisness

(calling upon the sweet realms to open up in free embrace,
this incurve of reason, no longer conjecture, telepathic
this intelligence, om the demarche i undertake in yr name)

-- markk