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Wanda! wannda..I wonder..?

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is there another internett site were people are telling stories about us.
like a motorcycle chatboard or somthn..

"damn, dudes i saw this freaked longhaired mothafuckka today
as i was crusin ma honda up and down peach street..
he was like eating this big loaded, fucked up hot dog with like everything.. and even schrimpsalad! so lissn, the walkman looses half hes onionsalad on the asfalt as he crosses the street right in front of ma wheels!
but he just keeps on walking . i decide to straighten the basterd out and honks ma horn, tellin him in a rude manner to fuckn clean that shit off a ma road!then he stops ,tips his hat towards me, and walks back to bend down and eat the salad lying on the ground. no hands.
im gettn the fuck outta this town!
so how things hanging dudes? ohh. . btw. everybody , whats yer favourite greasing oil?"

strange thing this huh?even we could be charicaded, and made fun of onm other sites, , ,and most surtenly in that paralell universe..