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artificial light
stale television tongues slurping on my braincunt
voices foot tap step is ing voice
a young annoying man appear drove my slapping myseo lf head
i bought a bottle of wine and slink down the railraod pass a highway
lay on a hill to drink a wihile with no thoughts in working in my head to create thoughts i wouldnt understand
i cover my face in dirt drool and sob untill its mud then i use it ass a toothespaste with my golden inxdeds finger with a fbrown nail
three girls walk passt me, dont notice me
i jump up they scream and run down the street i chasre them a little ways
hidden behind immoral words a tuxedo hangs from a coasfhtanger a tree i set fire too and a bear tackles me wrenches my wine bottle away and runs between rusty buildings, garbage piles, tree clumps, dead horses and cows still on their feet, into a bold patch of forest. i grimmaece and follow with a knife
he sits on a stone drinking it
it a a man sin bear a it is a man in a bear suit
with skittle eyes
pebble teeth
i draw my small razor blade adn dive on top of him knocking him into a shallow ricver he strikes me, knocking me out cold, drinks the wine, smashes the bottle over my face, blood darkness trickles into my eyes
i come too the thenstx nomronsing to see written on a wall
in red crayon
i piss on the wall
that night i drink a bottle of wine and sink into his patch of woods with a human spine, he huddles over the river
i dive out of the tree and force the spine into his esophagues
he writhes and shivers in the dirt, and i cross out his name on the wall with one of his bloody breasts, sliced from his body with a handful of thorns