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the memory

Posted to Action Poetry

i close my eyes
darkness swallows me
and grins at me:
"i won't show you any good moments tonight..."
"please", i beg, "i miss her, i have to see her..."
"fine", darkness agrees, "why not grant you this, you abject soul?"

and now i see her wide open eyes
almost green in the sunlight
and her beautifully curved lips
and her hair falling softly on her shoulders and back
i fel her lips upon mine
the smell of her clothes
and the softness of her breath upon my neck
i feel her hand caressing me
i feel the peace of her touch
and the beauty of her smile

and the image is cut
"enough, you abject soul! she doesn't love you anymore
you've let her down
you've always..."
darkness grins again
and spits me out
i open my eyes

the dream is over
and reality i don't want to see
i beg the darkness:
"please take me back
i want to live in you
i want to live the dream
i beg of you..."
darkness just grins...