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The Grip

Posted to Action Poetry

control no mo
a tighter clasp?
go ahead...grasp
comin'up with air
it's in the alone
that you cherish
all the life losin'
the boo-hoosin'
the what's doin'
ya in?
and even if ya could swim
see...its the straights yer livin' in
and the noose is tightening
feelin' it day by day
freedom's flying
cameras in the sky
they aint gonna lie
tethered to silk thread
something that she said
and was I easily led?
distance far from the point
walkin' the path made for the real
diving into the water exorcised the bitter cold
and the ladder of confusion sometimes
it is ever so bold...
I am tellin' you its ever so bold
so go ahead catch it while ya can
lay it down on the land
don't need no plan
just take a stand.............WIREMAN