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On the Graphic Novel Presentation of Pilgrim's Progress

Posted to Poetry

Staring at the artist's portrait of Lust
you will see he loves her with a sanctimonius fear
This pimple-scarred Pygmalion has made the neckline
as low as he dared without raising comment
and trembled as he drew the outline of her breasts
The eyes of the Angel Gabriel are left blank
to be filled by the black-fingered inker
The demons of Hell are marked betrayals
of the monsters he rented at the video store
a steal at ninety-nine cents
He drew his grandfather's face for God
and erased it in favor of a large cloud
In revenge to the well-muscled Pilgrim for tormenting
our hero's elementary days with words and fists
where teachers had three eyes and
mottled purple skin and green warts
he was sent to Heaven
cast from the beauty of Hell
I feel I have cheated the kindly Baptist minister
who gave this to me quite calmly