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Dragging The Line

Posted to Action Poetry

Dragging The Line

I forgot the bills to pay
The remnants of freedom
Scurry toward their hovel in
A vestige that I cannot blame
Anyone except myself

I carry myself home
And now worry
Worry against the night
Worry inside the day
Worry so much
How will I pay

You want everything
From me and deny me
What I can have
To decipher from this reality
What is mine and when
If ever I’ll land with you
Equitable stance I
Read about in papers

You deny me everything
I wonder how much it
Will cost to be free
How much time I will
Have to spend in your penitence
And if any of that will make you feel safe
Do you feel freer knowing that
I will not be outside

To live my life the way that
You and I agreed upon
So long ago
Before I was born
When my parents eyes
Were level-headed with yours
You subliminally agreed
The social compact
I’ve tried to adhere
I just was left
To the right of it all
I held the hand of death
It befell me in blackened
Months, years, even
I still try and climb
They, you, have no idea

I never wanted to hurt
I never wanted to break a law
I never wanted to find myself here
I have, however, and there’s nothing to do
I will succumb to your rule
I want to stand outside one day
And be free
I wish I could
I hope I will
But not today