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judih - are you alright?

Posted to Action Poetry

forty days
and forty nights
have brought no dove
back to us

two thousand years
have not dragged
our bodies from ashes
nor buried the smell
of war underneath
this bit-open earth

man has eaten
the ripening word
that kills us and
kills us

man has swallowed
the fruit of his fear
and locked deeply inside

there are words
that do not survive life
and to speak them
is to vanish

this crimson sky burning
in the language of death tonight
is smouldering in the eye
for an equinox of dust

this thundering felt
deep in the stomach
stored nightly away
by a smile that hurts
is our pulse as long
as we still dance
on sore naked dreams

we pass
between fear and
stammered relics
of love

we stay
among cracked truths
and spasms of hope

sometimes time
leaves no word for us
to sing

and to walk among these stones
on this crumbling earth
is to hear nothing
but ourselves
walking in fear
and in the sound
of death
lingering in this
lethal now

groping along these walls
in clandestine steps
so as not to
wake the moment