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A suicidal goldfish
Huge not slugs of high voltage coffee
Gravel sugar
Drowning in under currents of fog
A happy mouse
A soft and loving guillotine
An egg grenade
Gremlin antiperspirant
A slushy
Cold spaghettio’s
A Kung Fu hamster
Premeditated couch murder
Anarchist Cocoa Puffs
Soothing all natural snore spray
A mutant astronaut
Spicy vegetable juice
An antler helmet
Romantic farm equipment
A very large Pop Tart
Chinese Kool Aid torture
A militant rubber duck army
Pine Sol
The icy igloo love-love
An itchy scar
An electric love muffin
A pea
A pod
A peapod
A salmon in strange bedclothes
The lobster revolution
The Peking duck mafia
The Sacred Order Of The Pecan
A sadomasochistic worm
It’s a moose man…it’s a fucking moose