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reminds me...

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of the time that we went to a willie nelson concert. our oldest son, noah, was only about 3 yrs old, and i had him up on my shoulders so he could see ol' willie.

towards the end of the concert willie was pretty wasted from the doobies and pints of bourbon being passed his way from the audience, which he graciously passed to his band mates, all of which partook, 'cept for his sister, the piano player of the group.

after many calls of 'encore'.. willie would not let the crowd down...'i don't know if i've done this yet, but fuck it! we'll do it again...' his eyes stared straight into noah's eyes...some 20 feet away...a smile cracked on his lips, and the song began...again (if i remember correctly, as i, too, was higher than the proverbial kite, along with the rest of the roaring crowd).

quite the character, willie is.... along with so many others in the 'country music' group, johnny included, of course.