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oooohhh Haze

Posted to Action Poetry

How you say
the words
that I feel
It makes it all
so real
Sacred moontime flow
interrupted us
he left ranting
but I feel
it's lust
Dancing up the hall
I want to keep this all
but so so scared
I'm gonna fuck it up.
I miss you Haze
girly chats faze
Headstrong Leo Priests
who can do magic feats
and tip my world
upside down.
My home being re created
for a family of four
watch as he marches
smiling in the door
He is but a street away
he commands the day
He roams the night
ready to fight
for his life
and my love
with his basket of Pity
(a little stripped dog)
I'm fucking up
all over the floor
I just want to hold him
he wants to do the same
but at the moment
it's all a crazy game.
Ahh I gave him
my priests cloak
for he is my one
my priest
my warrior
my magician
my other
my one
my bullhawk man
with eyes of blue
and marks of warrior
wearing my sword
for true.