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the first love poem i have ever written

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naked in the reservior wishing i could summon the speech to say: i like your eyes because they glow more than mine.
i like my goosebump body folded in yours and your cold hands on my warm belly.
i like how your lips taste like algae but your tongue tastes like sunshine..
and i love you.
i like how my clothes are so far away, hung on a rock hurriedly on the shore, my way of getting close to you.
i like how you pretend not to notice when the stubble on my legs scratches on your hips, and how our laughter somehow becomes more pure when it's intertwined together.
i like how you go ahead to show me where the smooth rocks are to stand on so i don't cut my feet, and how we kiss each other's belly buttons underwater and come up spluttering with our noses and mouths wrinkled up because the water tastes like mud.
but all the sunshine of today has melted into night, the brightness of your hands and your voice all that's left of twilight.