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the first breakup poem i have ever written

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1055am valentine's day and i'm thinking about my heart always beating faster but your skin was always smoother
and how when we smile at each other now it's more sadness than love because the best things in life never last- which means we must have been one of the best.
but i'm still in love with how we used to hold hands when we slept and wake up cheek to cheek with my hand on your chest.
1105am valentine's day and i'm trying to remember why our ideals weren't enough to keep us from falling out of sleepy dreams-
but my tears are coming faster than your memory and i didn't mean to end up like this today.
if nothing else i just want you to know that when i laugh nowadays i don't mean it, but i understand how perfection has to fade away.
now when i tell the truth it just doesn't flow
and even after all this i still couldn't tell you no.