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Why I Choose to Write:

Posted to Action Poetry

nothing better to do at the time;
soliciting from prostitutes is expensive;
one can't be stoned all the time;
it's the only way I can communicate
with myself and others where I am totally honest;
television sucks;
it is my only socially-redeeming quality;
I hope to rent myself out at parties,
a la Rent-a-Beatnik;
clowns scare me and I don't like heights,
so I couldn't join the circus;
it gives me a rush like the one
I get from backpacking or masturbating;
it's free and I'm poor;
it's my only hobby other than creating
replicas of Liberace's death mask
out of my toenail clippings;
it gives me something to do with my brain
while I'm at work;
chicks dig sensitive, poet-types;
the afterglow from writing a good pome
is almost as good as the one from great sex
(wouldn't know about either, but I keep trying anyway);
it's cheaper than psychotherapy;
it's a record I can use to guage how crazy I'm going;
it's a reminder of how crazy the world is getting;
it's a drug and a religion
and a pain and a pleasure
I'm unwilling to forgo.