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no tiTtle nO label no naME

Posted to Poetry

I have something so special and sacred
At times I feel words are not needed
as crazy as it sounds
Crazy if you'd like to label it, for I can't and have only but accepted it, read it, held it, embraced it, tried to understand it-but now I will just take it...for what it is.
Not much more, not much less
For I feel I have been blessed
Blessed with your cool company, and that it was you who have chosen me
I thank you for all these memories
The little time you've given me
Has created this bonding of an understanding
I feel it was you who've ignited this trigger
It is something I can't and won't figure
The deep conversations that we share are merely more than just so
I see it as more of a sharing of another's inner soul
When things get too intense
I find myself turning to you for MEi self-sense
And in just letting things be,
you always bring me down to reality.
All it is that I am saying is that with each and every visit
Know that I feel our time is truly exquisite
For you are most definetely, a substance
To me finding ME!!!

Rowena Ubongen