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to the future

Posted to Action Poetry

i sit in idle
with keys
not ivory, plastic
sendin me messages
from the past
bitch in pink
rainbow contortions
to hinder her
and show her
clear glass guise
that i shall
break with my fist
to be unliteral
how she sends her
wicked words
in burnin bush
ignorant attempts
should i reply?
tell her to die.
nah, not me
i let it come in stanza
and decipher
ancient language
of true hatred
how can he not know
to smile at me daily
with a wink, in his eye
cover yourself in adipose
stench of bacteri
formed on fresh kisses
that were only for
i saw it all
and my stomach spoke
of the hours
i would face here
without any friends
to lean on
as my thighs burn
from venom's weight
felt it before
many times
as the rains fell
onto my flesh
like confetti
i need to sweep
away those
wreckages i participated in
but won't take full blame
for present statistics
i have my own apartment
in the clouds
with city life under my feet
and my love in my arms
from san diego to maccu picchu
to the nile and the colusseum
i am stable
as the bruises
throb below the last
layer of nerves and dermis