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i imagine it will be the way--
the way he teases me
with his eyes
that will cave me in
usually i would say
in my weak girl way
that it would be his lips--
but this boy
this sex
this dawn
will be different.
i will let him undress me
piece by piece.
i will let him stare into my eyes
as he presses deep into me.
i will ask him to say my name
whisper it in my ear.
this sex
this boy
will be the reincarnation
of a love i never had.
the way he says,
come over here...
come here
come over here
will be the end of the beginning
and the beginning of a delicious end.
god only knows what i'll to
do that boy
in my bed
but it is the sex
i've dreamed of.
i know
from this far
and this close