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stealing your breath

Posted to Action Poetry

your face is haloed
by candlelight in early evening.
you lay there blanketed by mothflame.
i encircle you
like a constellation
decorating your face
with the dust of my lips.
(where do you go when you dream?)
(and am i there?)
i hover over your body
like a weathering storm.
waiting to fall onto you
with disturbances of madness.
(you realize, there's nothing to be done
about the weather.)
you are fantastically gorgeous
in this nightglow dark--
laying there, a beautiful boy.
you're just laying there.
a beautiful boy.
you never know through sleep
but my face is inches above yours
a theif in the dawn
stealing your breath
to add to my collection
of forming nebulae.
you are
the beginnings
of such cosmic explosions
with easy breath
that comes and goes
and enters my lungs
starting something