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Posted to Action Poetry

masturbate on a knife
stabbed rain girl
gutters carousing light
bemixed blank water
twisting slfp gro n lig bo t tra il well
roof well roof
stabbing loin girl
with semen coated blatddse
piercing opening dicing
one of her legs in the sink
the other knotted up in the
showerhead pipe
he crawled atop her
fucked the mess he created
left into the rain
slapping the needles
that hovered outside mosquitoe skull
tossing his shoulders
into the sewer
she survived
long enough to
give birth to
a starry eyed
pink child
leftside of the body
inches smaller
than the right
he chews
his skinles blodless
behind vending machines
laughing congenial men
read their condom wrapper fortunes
beat glass for peanuts