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i am the play.....

Posted to Action Poetry

raise the curtain high
and let me perform
for your eyes,
engaging you with
the certainty
of a classic script,
timed like an ellipse
of joyful drama
blended with smiles
while dancing anew
our pas de deux,
moonlight bathing
each scene
with the effects
of light gleaned
from heaven.

the matinee begins
at eleven.
stay through
'til act II
and i'll serve you
strawberries dipped
in cream behind
the drape while
kissing the nape
of your neck,
chills and
off of your skin.

i am the play
and you are my stage.
i don't want to bow
to anyone but you
who has my heart in spin,
transforming my debut
into the performing
of miracles!

oh, so lyrical
are your eyes
when you view
my dance!
i am fantasized,
by your sighs!

the time
is soon!
let us fill
the afternoon
with play!
i will pull
the curtain
rope taut
and make it rise
up again while the world
disappears behind the shadow
of the moon, our eyes
the choreography
of elation, my heart
in trust of your ovation!