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mason benoit

Posted to Action Poetry

i was six
he was six.
patrick, his brother
was best friends
with john,
my brother.
we had a sleep over.
big controversy.
but we went to
montessori school
and laboratory school
we were
liberated youth
with liberated parents.
we swam
in august.
him in blue trunks
me in polka dotted yellow.
i loved the way he held my foot
as i arched over the backyard fence.
i loved the way he shared popcorn.
i loved that boy.
i saw him a few years ago.
his friends called him puma.
we looked at each other
and smiled.
he came up to me and touched my hair,
now twenty years old,
"still the red, huh,
mon petite?"
"still the french,no?"
i said.
god i loved him.
when i was six.
when i was twenty.
and now
when i think of that fence
and how he held
my tiny foot,
i love him.