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jota, king of the supermopes

Posted to Utterances

yeah, they still love me
and i loves them
and i loves you
why you loves me
christ, i don't know
if you met me
would you like me?
i hope you would
i would open the door for you
and buy you a piece of pizza pie
and laugh right with you
snorting root beer out my nose
yuppie me
hell no
just an
ordinary guy
walking down the street
maybe you have seen me walking past
maybe maybe not

no matter what
i love your soul

i love your soul

a kiss to

thank you danny
thank you judih
where would i be
without my daily dose
of michigan jamelah

okay, now
my tears
sugar now
and no
more salted trails

time for tea
and settling
down to sleep
with my green eyed woman
in her gown
and the kid

hee, hee
the kid
she stays on the phone