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here was my answer in verse......

Posted to Action Poetry

my middle name was named alicia
after alicia alonso, the ballet dancer
my mother met on a train
in the club car one greyed
afternoon in may after the war,
i think, but i can never be sure
of anything any more,
when she carried me
so secure in her
belly i wish
i never had
to come
out of.
i love
a lady
melted slowly
in my mouth after a slow slow
slow dance cheek to cheek with my lover
like ballet had just that moment been created

tonight i will read him dylan thomas, fresh from the library,
then feed him black olives one by one from the top of melted cheese
knowing that the only fame i long for is to hear my name on his lips.

i am capable of changing bad habits but i can't think of one i would like to change.
i am delighted to sip my pinot grigio from a tall sleek stem glass remembering playing with jacks
picked up one by one then two by two then three then four then five at a time, ball bouncing
to the rhythm of rhyme in my head, like a game of math making everything make sense finally.

my favorite flower is a bird of paradise.

after dylan thomas tonight and the dance we will have broiled salmon sauteed in lemon pepper on the
grill and talk about how i can't remember one movie or book that hasn't made me cry
then i'll pick up the guitar and try to sing again and touch the piano keys with
a brief interlude of gershwin and bach, so completely unpracticed,
my whole presentation out of tune.

no amount of money is worth anything and tonight i can't imagine ever working as a salesperson.
one thing i know for sure is i would never give away my well worn jeans faded like my hopes yet on fire with desire, defining me threadbare.