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ok I'll try just for fun .......

Posted to Action Poetry

but remember I'm no poeit.

My middle name is Scott,
my grandfather
was from
Scotland ....
there 4 Scott,
or thats
what they
told me
never meet the man ....
he had trouble staying in one place
so I'm told ....
piece of candy.
Luckly I don't have that problem,
my farorite candy
is the very
of my lips
(sugar)on a pizza --- people think thats crazy
the dance I do best
to long to often
one day a habit
I must change
but I gave up my Gumby doll
I put it on my brothers grave
its still there
even after all these years
So tonight I will once again read one
many books
that lay beside my bed
I often sleep
with Rumi
held in my hand
and Montaigne
under my pillow
And I dream of long lost nights
holding sweet Virginia Woolf
making love and whispering silent
darkness as shades of what should never be
Drunk on flesh
She plays
my soul
most divine
I sing softly to her as we fade
in and out
in and out
it is surely
the lest job
I would ever
wish to do
to bury a body so lovely
as the body that was once you
But to your sweetness divine
this last tribut
I incline
I shall eat a cup full
of the very worms
that chew upon
the echo that was once you

----- and keep your panties
forever in my closet!