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here goes

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My middle name is Daniel,
also my fathers' brother who
was killed in WW2 at 19,

love to dance with a piece of
Swiss Chocolate half in my mouth
as I strip for my wife
"Ya, that's dancing."

gooey pizzas with pinapples,
as I read 'In Retrospect,'
more about the subject I cannot leave..

I was Muhammad Ali for more than a week
in the 70's while held captive in the
California State Mental Hospital, high
on LSD in 1973. I loved that part.

Changing bad habits, Ha, no particular order
compulsive sex
compulsive work

all gone, by by..

My first surfboard was a childhood
toy that changed my entire life, and
I adore ruby red roses in a vase', and
crimnson lipstick on a naked woman.

Mexican food is spirituall in nature
like the people, and I cried when Josh
Hartnett died in Pearl Harbour. Embarrassed..

I play the piano, and I certainly would eat
worms for a laugh if you desired it

professional soldier is a turn off, and my thirty
pairs of Levis' are nearly locked up.

Thanks fun game..