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My favorite of all the world's names
the one and only must be james
and what's in my candy dish
i have to make a chocolate wish
I'd like to dance like ben vereen
but the best i'd say is billy jean(sans moonwalk)
my book is not by ann rice
but toni morrison's paradise
on top of pizza i'd love them all
sans anchovies too much salt
a week of being someone famous
that cookie guy the one named amos
and if i could change just one bad habit
let me tell you i wouldn't have it
well my drink it might be tea
but you'd better make mine coffee
A childhood toy would be that
old plastic ball and bat
favorite flower in the spring
when lilac's make their essence sing
my favorite meal i'd have to say
would include mignon filet
oh i cried and blew my nose
reading 'where the red fern grows'(to my daughters)
i'll never ever be a star
but watch me strum this old guitar
a million for a cup of worms
no problem, just remove the germs
a job that i could never do
surgery on you or you
i wish i could throw some clothes away
but if they fit they're here to stay