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sometimes i's honest, sometime i's not

Posted to Action Poetry

What is your middle name, you asks,
steven i says
What is your favorite candy, you asks,
peanut mnms i says
What dance can you do best, you asks,
the mattress dance, i says,
What book are you reading right now, you asks,
sufi poems by hafiz, i says,
Besides cheese, what is your favorite pizza topping, you asks,
mushrooms (magic ones) i says
If you could be one famous person for a week, who would you want to be, you asks,
fame is overrated, i says,
Do you think you’re capable of changing a bad habit? Which one, you asks,
yes, i says, eatin' dose mnms, i says
What’s your favorite drink, you asks,
crown royal & gingie-ale, i says
What was your favorite childhood toy, you asks,
me dog schnapps, i says
What’s your favorite flower, you asks,
alladem, i says
What would be included in your favorite meal,
you asks,
shrimp, i says,
What was the last movie or book that made you cry, you asks,
i's da strong silent type, i says
If you play a musical instrument, what is it, you asks,
the gee-tar, i says
Would you eat a cup of worms for one million dollars, you asks,
sure, i says,
What profession or job would you least like to do, you asks,
selling insurance, i says,
What piece of clothing in your closet will you never throw out or give away, you asks,
my t-shirt that reads, "i wish you were a beer," i says & i now i say goodbye