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am i really gonna admit?

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that the kids teased me and laughed when i admitted that my middle name was francis? that underneath my sadness of rejection, i LIKED that name, cuz it had a female history (frances) on my mother's side, and also a male history (francis) on my dad's...

am i really going to admit
that i am a phat bastard, thanks to my natural love of all candy? and in particular, the greasy ones, like toffee and caramel stuff...

am i really about to tell you
that as shy and lame as i typically am on a dance floor, i know i can boogie with the best of em, 'specially when i'm pretending i'm someone from a movie, like travolta or swayze?

should i lamely admit
on this board, full of geniuses and brains, that at this moment, i've shamelessly begun another sales manual, as much as i cringe at the thought that i am a product of "the man", and that i despise myself for giving in to this materialistic, money loving society- - what can i say? i am good at selling, good at people...

i suppose i get some funny looks when i admit
that i am a picky bastard when it comes to pizza... although normally i'll do veggies, get them the hell away from my pizza. it's all about gooey cheese and meat. sometimes spinach, if it's a clever pizza with chicken and garlic.

no problem admitting
that i would love to spend just one day as someone like brad pitt. not because i like his acting (and i do), rather because he's beautiful, and knows it, and everyone thinks so, and i've never been able to feel that way.

i admit
i've tried to stop being physically lazy. what really hurts is that i did it before- had a few years where i was work-out king, and lost so much weight, and felt great, but now i've slipped again, with all my pizza and caramel and laziness... i already beat ciggies and hard drugs...

again, sorry to admit
that i give into "the man", and absolutely love the pre-packaged, well marketed, overpriced, sweet delicious starbucks iced coffee. mmm, especially the mocha flavor.

proud to admit
that lego was the bomb. was a spoiled little shit who got lots of it. still do. get back to the past at least two or three times per year when i get stoned and play again... space lego baby, all about the space lego.

i sigh when i admit
that i love irises. blue ones. and i'm also partial to tangerine colored tulips.

my heart aches when i admit
that included with my favorite meal would be members of my family, and i don't mean that i'd eat them, just that they'd be there, cuz we don't get to see each other nearly enough since bro and i both work on the high seas...

i proudly admit
that when i was bored in miami a few years ago i took myself to a movie theatre, and simply based on the title (hadn't seen a single ad or poster) i decided to see "life is beautiful". i cried my eyes out, and laughed for days at the brilliance of the lead character.

i admit
i play the drums. badly, cuz i'm outta practice. but it used to be my main thingy.

i don't mind admitting
that i would eat ten cups of worms for one million dollars. i mean, i don't care about the worms really, they're just worms, and i can digest, right? but a million dollars could buy a lot of freedom from the rat race. and i could do many nice things with that kinda money.

well, i suppose that when i've already admitted
that i do sales, there's not too many options to this question. i am presently an art whore. if there was one thing i wouldn't do, is this job on salary rather than commission. i don't understand retail sales. oh, and i really couldn't work in a complaints department. i'd go mental.

i happily admit
that i wear a tie which is frazzled and wrecked, falling apart. but i still wear it, cuz my big bro gave it to me, and it looks good no matter what, and it was my first real business tie, and i still dig it a plenty.