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The Amazing Tiddly-bop!!!

Posted to Action Poetry

i just invented
a tiddly-bop
but i dont know
where it goes
it shines & squeaks
on thirteen wheels
and shimmy's when
i shake my butt

i put it up high
on top of a shelf
so kids wouldnt
play with it
but the tiddly-bop
jumped to the floor
and left the house
exactly at midnite

i heard its sound
it woke me up
from dreams
i cant repeat
followed the noise
in my nekkid feet
and saw it glowing
so bright and neat

the moon
the stars
paled next to it
as my jaws
and fell so low

that tiddly-bop
became much more
than the toy
i made for fun

i watched with awe
as it rose so slow
and sparked
with flames
from hell
higher and higher
did rise
but why i
couldnt tell
another bing & flash!
it sputtered and
drooped and
headed towards
the hardware store

there i stood
in my nekkid feet
unable to figure
this thing out
but one thing for sure
ill never make
another tiddly-bop
for this i have
no doubt

are not good friends
this i swear
i did not know

the mother of
all invention
pampered me
tortured me
to create this
toy to leave
and now i am
left with none

(huh? ze-row. nah!)