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a longe on the big old bike, turn the corner,
hit in to the walls, hit with basket balls,
i am feeling ten feet tall, slam dunks and fucks it up,
slimy aroama of cigs and sweage wafting up to the play house,
joe's mom was a crack head, joe like to break my toys,
like big red fire trucks, G.I. when melted become a bombing divice,
track down, beats if you get caught,
coasting with bully joe,
hockey on the streets, sticks to shines knees,
goals on to rocks, balls are lost we used socks,
joe would fix a ramp to fall when used,
so when the kid named dicky came,
flew down the street we yelled his name,
"come on dicky!"
he hit the ramp on his bike,
filped and fell, rolled hurt looked up agian and said " lets do it again!"