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rrrgh! only you could make me wince with the whole damn complicatedness of this!

Posted to Action Poetry

The middle of my well rounded nature
flows through the whisper of Victoria,
She keeps me happy with my White chocolate,
And traces the cha cha through my soul
quietly sits a Journey to the east,
tumbling, finger marked pages,
as Glorious I retreat to my favourite topping of them all
If I could be
another she
just for a week
then you see
I would be
Mountain Girl
quicker than a blink,
And I know Im bad
but I can change
and pens and lighters neednt disappear when Im in tow
(a girls gotta have the essentials you know!)
So here I sit
and swallow MR Jack Daniels down whole
a favourite tipple on my tongue,
Lemondrop was my favourite bear when I was young
Paint my world with Daisys, my favourite through and through
And give me pasta with mushrooms
(nothing else will do)
I wept a little
but a day ago
Mr Gregory Corso,
coursed through my soul with words
spoken softly through 'One Day'
Id eat two cups of worms for a million
(just think pasta, haze, just think pasta.....)
Never make me a paper shredder
It may just shred my soul
And there wouldnt be Haze
without her favourite levi's!!!!

eeeeeeeek! as she fondles her bass!! (hehe)