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on easter sunday

Posted to Action Poetry

on easter sunday
every year i'd get
a new dress and my mom
and i would go to grandma's
and have pictures taken
before we went to church
and i'd always have to
stand up straight and smile
for hours
("smile, jamelah"
"i am smiling"
"like you mean it")
and then we'd leave
and shake hands and mix and mingle
with all the other people
in their new clothes
and sing songs about jesus
and have communion
and remember solemnly
in our pastel outfits
that we were all sinners
while chocolate bunnies
hopped through our minds
and then i'd go home
and take off the itchy clothes
and think about the man
who died naked on a cross
and wonder why i needed
a new dress every year
in order to say
thank you