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insanity pt 2

Posted to Action Poetry

outta control lost souls
in the bowels
of a dirty gritty city
that i think
everyone forgot.
i havent seen the sun for days
and im lost when i
search for you
deaf dumb blind high
reach out for you
at midnites
your not there
because your not mine
5am restless in bed
wander to the kitchen
wood cold beneath my feet
and there you are
an answer to my dirtiest
hair a mess from sleep
(but not with me)
you just smile at me
shake your head kind high eyes
"take your little red head
back to bed.."
and when all is said and done
to you im just a silly child
i just sigh and will you to
push me against the fridge
kiss me onto the floor
take me on the table
and off you go
shake of the head
"your fucked up,Sera"
oh you have no idea
just how fucked up i am
and i watch you as you walk away
replay the little
slap on the ass...
yeah there goes my
boyfriends brother
my whore of a heart
fell in love
with the wrong one