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it’s morning
and I’m carrying my thoughts
and my pains
and my memories
through the cold town…
i am freezing to death
on an alley way
and I’m feeling like an aborted fetus
belonging to no one
and nothing
and as I smoke away the nausea
and the tears
i am miscarrying the love
laying it down on the cold pavement
and I’m so very afraid
that it will die at birth
that it’s little heart will stop
and that it’ll vanish like my dreams…

but my little love lives
it’s breathing the filthy air
through it’s little lungs
and I’ll see that it grows up properly, baybe
i promise you that
i’ll take care of it
and caress it
and love it
and protect it
and you won’t have to share me with anyone, baybe
except with my love for you.