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i was born on the 1st of april
as the mistake of a 17 year old
who had no clue that condoms were invented
and adopted by a family later broken to pieces;
the sun shone on earth the day that i was born
and that was about the last time that it shone
cos god, that god i don't believe in,
plays a joke on me every day
to remind me that i'm born on fools' day
and that my middle name is doria
an untranslateable romanian word
meaning something like sadness,
and i don't know what my favourite candy is
but it must be some sort of chocolate,
and i can't dance
if you don't count banging my head to very loud and fast music
til i forget my own name.
and now i'm deep into 1984
and wondering every minute how an englishman
could forsee the future of eastern europe so clearly.
and i like my pizza very spicy
so spicy so as to stop me from breathing for a sec
and i wouldn't like to be famous
or maybe i'm lying
maybe i'd like to be edgar allen poe
cos just like him i'm utterly incapable
of changing bad habbits
that doesn't mean i'm a genius
just that i lack will power
among other things.
and right now i'd like a bottle of vodka to drown the realization
that i've written a very cheap poem
cheap like my life...
when i was little i was cruel
i beheaded all my dolls
and left them lying naked and desmembered on the floor
growing up i've come to know how they felt like,
and i'm not nostalgic
but my favourite flowers are hyacinths
cos that was the first flower i ever saw
and in case you're wondering what kind of a flower that is,
cause i had to look it up in the dictionary myself,
i'll tell you it's a spring flower, usually pink, blue or white
with a sweet, defying smell.
and right now i can't think bout my favourite meal
cause i'm nauseaus
and disgusted
and the last piece of literature that made me cry
was tim's "songs for the sexually incurable"
cos it was too much of me
and i generally don't like mirrors
cos they show me how ugly and mean i am;
i'm talentless with instruments
so i only admire the people who are not
and i don't think i'd eat a cup of worms for a million dollars
cause i promised i wouldn't sell myself no more
not that there is anything left in me to sell
and i'd probably be incapable of doing any job that implies responsibility
cos responsibility i can't take
and i'd probably never throw away
my black pulover with a big cross on the chest
that makes me look like the walking grave
that i am