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half poem, half not

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we felt it the first time we ever felt truly independent as adolescents
there in the unexplainable excitement and pleasure you get from doing commonplace activities-
holding someone’s hand or planting a garden-
part of it is the soulfulness that emits from our creations: cooking, artwork, spoken thoughts, songs..
that transfers “magically” to those exposed to it
have you ever felt a strange connection with a person, piece of literature, or a story in a history book?
could it be that this connection is trying to tell you something that you desire in life, something about the innermost crevices of your heart?
only it is, more often than not, dismissed as strange coincidence while we, frustrated and confused, revert back to our daily lives- safer, routine, protected by our society, our government, and our belief systems..
but what if, one day, when we stumble upon this feeling while kissing a new lover for the first time
or having a conversation with a child about dreams (because children have the best and fullest dreams after all)
or discovering something new and fulfilling about ourselves that we never knew was possible..
what if when we feel this urge to break free from everything that is keeping us from leading an ideal, satisfying life..
we act on it instead of throwing water on our exploding hearts … what if we lived?
if suddenly finances and politicians and goals and history, even, were all useless and inconsequential?
if next time we danced until we threw up, the next time we sang until our throats were hoarse,
the next time we screamed and cried until our stomachs and eyes ached
we didn’t stop, but kept on going…
another, more meaningful way of life is one desirous, abandoned leap away from becoming our reality
all we have to do is make love to life instead of dealing with it,
burning it instead of babying it,
treat it as a bomb which effects will never subside.
now is the time to stop preparing for a life someday, somewhere, blurry, a hologram in the future.
now you can take back your life, define it under your own terms.
live each day as a beautiful poetic manifesto of everything you stand for: love, desire, and how you want the world to be.
in creating, destroy, and in destroying, liberate...