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Mighty MAN

Posted to Action Poetry

Armed to the teeth
Running Scared
Bringer of truths
Hiding in shadows
acreeping under stairs
With Earth sword by side
Never sleeps..for fear
Wanting peace
Knowing it all
or so it seems
giver of gifts
but unable to recieve
in the grace given back
Stealer of Womans words
twister of fate
push push make her hard
but woman is soft
woman gives
time, patience, utmost respect
sits quiet listening to ranting
Long hair tumbling over black
quiet with her wisdom
she could say three words
to end it all,
three words he cannot steal
three words that might break
the mighty man of steel
worrier woman keeps lips closed
there is a legend where we are from
that man breathed sacred breath
into woman, and made her live
And he just walked in
what the fuck do i say
dum dum dum dum