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buffalo tears

Posted to Poetry

pastel dream
three lanterns lit
each one for a moment
lapsing into a fog
the glow no longer
as sharp as before
each eye searches
somewhat mystified
by reality succumbing
to the vile interpretations
of earth science and
one thousand mouths cry
for love they never had

please release the demon
that hinges on your wings
flapping mercilessly
upon ideas of freedom
while baby at night sleeps
thru the song of carousels
.....eight horses marching
the same path without end
and life lessens its truth
as uncertainty melts into
troughs made from bamboo
distorting the meaning
glowing in wanderlust
before some wicked trio
bathed in nothing but
silk teddies dyed
a pure new moon black

the mind shafts
grow longer in
a desperate search
for necessity
feeding upon the
gallons of destiny
spilled in miroesque
fantasmogorical wonder
alighting imagination
into vapors of surreal

mayhem pursuing delicacy
traipsing deserted alleys
without endings
........i stall
at the corner of
pause and cottonmouth
asking if more wine
is easily available
for my parched dream
imploding on itself

(buffalo tears fill the vacancy)