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here we go again

Posted to Action Poetry

was it the last time,
or the time before that
when you told me flat
where you felt we were at,
and you made note of how you feel,
but, if what you're saying is for real
than again you tried to steal away my heart
but left a part
so that you could crush it again
next time you say "let's just be friends".

so you spit out how it was
and i just sat in states of awe
thinking how you'd be so raw
to tell me truths without thinking
my reactional state of being..
you made it just so quick and fast--
by the time i realized; it had past..
so i replayed the words you shared,
you said you cared,
you said you dared to make us more
but stayed in fear of what's in store,
and my poor heart tries to reason
with thoughts of cheating and of treason
cause i said that last time was the end--
i'd never fall for you again.

but then i tripped when you last confessed
and in the hours while i stressed
you were out there making a mess
with someone else, who in my eyes
is waste of art in sad disquise..
i'm sure that jealousy is a part
of the sizzle-burning in my heart,
but more; i care that what you do
is really something good for you..

the last time and the time before
i let my heart get bruised and sore,
but in my core i knew that wanting you
would only leave me wanting more,
so this time and the next time
instead of pillows soaked and stained from crying
there'll be not a clue for you to trace,
not a hint of your fall from grace,
but read my face and see what i do,
that you do know the underlying truth
and that the reasons that we cease to be
are only barriers that we cant see
and ones we put up on our own
thinking we had known
what could have possibly grown,
and now we're questioning what is right;
the decision to fight or to take flight--
Oh what a tangled web we weave,
and stupid games that misconceive,
but i beleive that with respect,
i've learned how to deal, and what to expect
i've gotta keep this sh!t in check
if not for this time:
for the next..