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philosophers, it seems to me,
who refer to eternity in their theories of
existence, seem to forget that
if you accept that eternity exists,
then it also exists in the other direction,
in what we call the past -

it intrigues me to think that
eternity has already passed
before what we call now the present...
AND. . .in an infinite amount of time,
all possiblity in the universe would
exhaust itself an infinite amount of times -
therefore, is our reality now
just an exact duplicate
of an earlier reality?
an infinite amount of
duplicate earlier realities?

that is to say, in an infinite amount of time,
the probability of all of the matter
in the universe just happening to find
itself in the exact state that it is in now,
no matter how infinitesimally small,
is in fact, no probability at all?

given an infinite amount of
time, a probability, no matter
how remote or small will occur
an infinite amount of times -

therefore, i ask myself:

if i have already written this post
an infinite amount of times,
why do i keep making errors
while i type?

and why
do i keep telling you all of this,
as if you don't already know?