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i went out walkin'...

Posted to Action Poetry

with somebody else's
money in my pocket.
with bloodshot eyes
and four days of beard growth.
down the street
littered with smashed beer bottles
and spent syringes.
past the smack-addicted
teenaged whores
with pleading eyes.
picking a shiny new
dollar coin from a crack
in the sidewalk.
stopped at the crossroads
waiting for the light to change
lighting a cigarette.
through the park
and through
a soccer match
ignoring the shouts of
pushing my way
past a slouching gang
of vietnamese youths
with baseball bats.
leaping over
a sleeping bum.
past the closed
strip joints
sex shops
night clubs
and chinese restaurants.
down an alley
kicking a can
while watching
a drunk walking backwards.
around a corner
and through a gate
knocking on a door
only to score...

my credit is good.