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no rhyme... then let's dance

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yes, let's dance, judih



dance in the late sunlight
when lavender deepens into purple
with the coming twilight

dance at sunrise
when light slowly opens
filling gaps and spaces
its crinkle of pink-veined mallow
growing wild
along the river

dance in the nightime
when the vibrating sky
of a moonless night is ours

dance in the pouring rain
dance with tears running down our face
dance in the heat of a city's noon
our feet leaving imprints
in the melting asphalt

dance laughing and singing
dance among snowflakes falling
into our burning eyes

dance in the blowing wind
dance with the wind
take a beauteous ride on the wings
of your breath
on my breath
on the eternal breath
that connects us all

let's take a ride on the smile we find
deep down in our soul

let's sing that song of ourselves
let's sing it at the river
in the desert
in the ocean's surf

sing it and sing it
and sing it again

sing of the beauty
around and inside us
the beauty that whispers
thru nighttime and dawn

sing of the pain
and the joy and the sadness
let tears soften our cheeks
for the wind to kiss them

sing of the light and
the soft velvet darkness
sing of the fire and
the beauty of ice

sob out our songs
with our sad guitar weeping

rejoice with our lips
and our eyes and your hearts

sing radiant songs
with upchurning rhythms

sing sensual lovesongs
that send tingles down our spines

sing with a cry that shivers the city
sing the whisper of mystery within our hearts

let's sing and dance
and fall asleep

and love will join in
in our dance and our song
and then fall asleep
to dream with us