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she says she has no middle name.......

Posted to Action Poetry

she says she has no middle name.
but every name of ours takes the place
of nothing missing, treasured like family,
insisting the persistence of love,
since like chocolates,
it's something so sweet,
it's more than enough.

and she is music,
slow danced on pages
between the binding,
hardback strong, and
softback pliable
like her spirit.

she is
covered under by
the smotherings of
delicious taste,
purely simple
yet embraced by
her complex blending,
sending us messages
like fine cuisine,
her lines,
our supper.

what she would want to do is everything
and she does, famous for knowing how right
equals right and we see her everywhere,
in the sun that breaks the dawn
with morning light,
sitting calm, eyes bright,
in the french cafe
by the riviera, sipping latte
laced with irish mist,
her aura of peace,
our gift.

changes have been made. we know,
to turn her eyes to rays of hope
in glow.

each won earned.

and she is Sunshine;
we bask in her beauty,
yearned for like
lyrical song.

she climbs the trees of us,
reaching out to our limbs, long
with the spreading of tender
warmth, like honeyed sauce
creamed with words sung by a tongue
that cares, we feel her there
and somewhere in time she finds her destiny,
fingers running up and down the keys
like the life in them wrote the sonatas,
beethoven, her specialty
always unique, the staccatos
and crescendos of her heart
in repeat of her gift of rays
which lift us up
with no delays
or bounds.

she dons her father's shirt
like well worn wisdom,
each wrinkle, a memory.

and she astounds me.
she says has no middle name.

her middle name is us.