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Funny Man

Posted to Action Poetry

Walking into my life
Improving it
Teaching me
Giving gifts
Rearranging me
until I'm better
House sparkles
He sits talking
I have nothing to say
He thinks I'm a dum
Whitey cunt
And I think hes proving
that to me
Volitile energy between
us, pulsing
push me pull you
I have no idea
and he knows that
He said if woman
knows love
and man knows spirit
then they should blend
and have a bit of both
tell me something
I don't already know
so uh? what's the deal dude?
why have you done all this
for me? then walk out the door
with someone you called
a thief the night before
are you the devil in disguise
have you been warning me
against you?
Sending in your flies
to watch how I sleep
Thanks for the gift of me
I'm still here alive
but, Mr Bullhawk
what's your biggest lie?