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She Loves Me...She Loves Me Not

Posted to Action Poetry

half hitch
boweline with a bite
pulling will damn sure
make it tighter
and this silky net
of the spider
tighter clasp?
fraid you asked
stayed a lil 2 long
end of our Love Song
and I'll be doggone
and i should'a been
long gone before the run
the feeling gut shot son of a gun
maybe when ya hesitate
all will be lost
maybe with this a given
hey let's catch it....
baby this feeling
can't be lost
like a cannon blast
after the spark
the big (((((BAM - BOOM))))))
open up the heavens o so blue
the fact is this feeling
this hunger
this lonesome pain.....I feel
for the you that's you
and that we can be knowing
we have this chance to be...TO BE.....WIREMAN